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Car Number 109165 Frame (Chassis) Number D106165

Engine Number 353528

Date Built 04-09-1925

Date Tested 07-09-192

Date Despatched 09-09-1925

It was despatched from the Morris Works as a 4 seat chassis. a Roadster with Dicky Seat

The current body is

This car has been known to the Bullnose Morris Club (UK) since the late 1960's and it was listed in the Club's 1974 edition of Early Morris Cars'. By that time, the original 11.9hp Cowley engine No. 124325 had been replaced with a 13.9hp Morris Oxford engine No. 353528.

This Morris Cowley came from Tasmania with the Roadster body being built and fitted to the car in the early 1970°. The car's owner in Launceston tren extensively used the car for many years before he sold it in January 1990.

The car was purchased sight unseen and came to Maroochydore where a Roadworthiness Certificate dated 22nd January 1990 was issued and concessional registration obtained. The new owner was a member of the Sunshine Coast Antique Car Club and he participated in some rallys before passing away unexpectedly. In 1995 the car came up for sale and was purchased by its current owners on

November 1st 1995.

Although the original Tasmanian restoration would be some 35 years old, the body and uphoistery were in reasonable condition except for the carpet. The hood and side curtains were in very good condition probably because of the type of weather conditions found in Tasmania. However, because the car had been well used over the years it needed a full mechanical rebuild from starting handle to tail light.

The Cowley originally left the Morris factory fitted with an 11.9hp engine but this was replaced with a Morris Oxford 13.9hp engine during the restoration in Tasmania. The decision was made to keep this engine as it had been in the car for many years and had now become part of the car's history. The engine then received the full treatment with a rebore, new oversize pistons, porting, bearings remetalled, NOS Oxford head skimmed to increase compression, new valves, 10lbs machined from the flywheel, everything balanced, gearbox rebuilt, steering box rebuilt, clutch recorked, radiator rebuilt, new wheel bearings, brakes overhauled and relined and the CWP was changed from 5.2 to 1 to that of 4.7 to 1. The missing front wheel drive speedo parts were replaced with imported reproduction items and the Smiths speedo was rebuilt.

The car's engine is now close to early MG specifications and it has a much-improved performance and faster gear changes.



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1925 Morris Cowley (Bullnose)

  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 21687


    Engine: 1,802cc Inline 4 Cylinder - 3 speed Manual


    VIN: D106165

    Engine No: 353528


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