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1927 Morris Cowley Holden Body Tourer ‘Matilda’


A charming Flat nose Morris Cowley with loads of character; ‘Matilda’ has a great story from when she was first brought out to Australia as a bare chassis, bodied at the Holden Motor Body Builders , then spending the majority of her life with one family since new.


The Morris Cowley was first introduced by the Morris Company in 1915 known as the Bull nose Cowley with a 1495cc side valve engine made by the Continental Motor Manufacturing Company of Detroit. Even though the Cowley was a British built car, a vast majority of the components were actually sourced from the USA, saving production costs. Later in 1919 the updated Cowley had an engine made by Hotchkiss in 1548cc form which was essentially a modified copy of the discontinued Continental unit. The final iteration of the original Cowley shape came in 1926 with the replacement of the ‘Bullnose’ radiator to the more fashionable at the time, flat nose radiator. A driver’s side door and other optional extras were also available for the first time since the Cowley’s inception. In 1927, 4-wheel brakes become standard as well. During that year ‘The Autocar’ tested a Cowley and stated that it found it necessary to bear the price in mind: 'This is not so much because it is necessary to make allowances, but because the performance and general manners of the car would do credit to a much more costly and ambitious production. High praise indeed.


‘Matilda’ is a Flat-nose Morris Cowley that was one of many Cowley’s brought over to Australia as a bare chassis and fitted with a Holden tourer body. She has had very few owners from new with a great story from when she was owned by its first family for many years until this present day all recorded in a history file.


Matilda was sensitively restored about 4 years ago by an enthusiast including an all new hood, roof bows and side curtains, vinyl upholstery, all new wiring loom with reconditioned Lucas & Smiths fixtures/fittings. The old generator was replaced with a more efficient alternator conversion. The 1548cc Hotchkiss engine was rebuilt with an unleaded conversion and new water pump while the gearbox received a new cork (yes real cork) replacement clutch. The originality of Matilda extends to the original Lucas headlights, Smiths friction type scissor shocks and crank handle of which is to great delight to use in front of curious onlookers!


Matilda drives beautify for a nearly 100 year old car and has a character to her like nothing else on the road today. She brings a smile to everyone who sees her driving down the street and draws a crowd wherever she goes (prepare to be photographed!!). A great way to get into vintage cars or to add to your collection.


Matilda comes her history file, workshop manuals, customised COW137 plates (if sold in QLD) and RWC.


Walk Around Video Here 



1927 Morris Cowley Tourer - SOLD

  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 2


    Engine: 1548cc inline 4 - 3 speed manual (crash box)


    VIN: D184482

    Engine No: 


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