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1937 Austin 7 Ruby


Synonymous with being of the most well known vintage cars along with the model T Ford and bringing an affordable car to the masses in Brittan, the Austin 7 or “Baby Austin” as it was affectionally called was one of the most popular cars bought by the British market. So popular were these cars in fact that BMW’s very first car was a licenced copy called the BMW Dixi, France had the Rosengart and even Nissan used the design as a base for their vehicles (though not under licence).


The first prototype Austin 7 featured a scaled down Austin side valve engine with a capacity of 696cc giving it a RAC rating of 7.2hp. The cylinder block was of cast iron with an aluminium crack case and detachable head. The crankshaft used two main bearings, roller at the rear and ball bearing at the front, with splash lubrication. The engine was mated to a 3 speed crash gearbox with power being sent to the rear via a torque tube. Braking was on all 4 wheels being one of the first mass produced vehicles with 4 wheel braking. Later in March 1923, the engines capacity was enlarged to 747cc with a RAC rating of 10.5hp and electric starter.


Subsequent changes were made throughout the Seven’s life span including coil ignition made standard in 1927, a stronger crankshaft later in 1930 and by 1932 a 4 speed gearbox with synchromesh on 3-4th then later 2-4th gears – the chassis was lengthened by six inches in 1932 as well. Power rose steadily over the time with final iterations making around 17hp.


The Austin 7 had many different body styles in its life time from Tourers, Saloons, Cabriolets, Sports bodies, Coupes and Vans. Many Austin 7’s even went into competition, still being used to this day for hill climbs and rally’s around the world. Stylistically, the biggest change for the ‘7’ was in 1934 when the body was given more curvaceous lines and the flat chromed plated grill being replaced with a cowled and painted shell. These changes saw the introduction of the Ruby, Pearl and Opal as mainstream models.


This charming Austin 7 Ruby is a relatively unmolested example showing lots of character of a 86 year old car. Owned by the current family for the last 5 years after making its way from South Australia, it is now looking for a new home. The ‘7’ retains its original 6v electrics, running gear and fixtures and fittings with only the addition of a water temperature gauge to keep an eye on things. The all weather gear and side screen are all accounted for and remain in good condition with the usual yellowing on the plastic screens. All four tires have recently been replaced and general servicing kept upto date.

For added charm, the Austin comes with a picknick basket on the back.


Sold as is with RWC (if sold in QLD), this Austin would make for a great club car or Sunday driver with the family – and yes, the Austin 7 was intended for families!



Walk Around Video

1937 Austin 7 Ruby

  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 14532


    Engine: 747cc inline 4 - 4 speed manual


    VIN: 274998

    Engine No: 


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