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A great stylish Karmann Ghia coupe ready for the weekend cruise or daily commute.


The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (internally designated the Type 14) was a sports car marketed as a 2+2 coupe and 2+2 convertible with styling by Italy’s Carrozzeria Ghia and hand-built bodywork by German coachbuilding house, Karmann – hence the name, Karmann Ghia. The Karmann body was mated to a type 1 beetle chassis and running gear providing reliability and ease of mechanical repair. Production ran from 1955 to 1974 with 455,000 units produced worldwide remaining virtually unchanged in that time.


This Karmann is a 1965 model in a desirable yellow with black vinyl interior with a 1500cc single port making roughly 50hp. It is a delight to drive with a lovely burble behind you and a relaxed driving position.


The Karmann was believed to be restored about 20 years ago and still retains in tidy condition with no obvious sings of rust. A little patina shows around the paint work and bumpers but still retains its shine under the sun.


The black interior is in great condition with little wear evident. Both front and rear seats have ADR compliant seat belts for safety (blue QLD mod plate for rear). From behind the solid hardwood Autotecnica wheel, the Karmann feels solid but responsive with no squeaks or rattles event when driving on harsher surfaces. The engine pulls well with no hesitation from start up, gearbox shifts smoothly with no unusual noises as you wind up on the speedo.


Overall this is a lovely Karmann Ghia for the price that can either be daily driven as is or as a good base for a full or partial restoration.


The Karmann comes with balance RWC and balance of QLD if sold in QLD (excluding transfer fees)


Walk Around Video (coming soon)

1965 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 97470


    Engine: 1500cc Flat 4 - 4 Speed Manual


    VIN: 1459222

    Engine No: AK088848

    WALKAROUND VIDEO (coming Soon)

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