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One of the staples of the classic car scene, the humble MGB has one hearts of many enthusiasts with it good looks, sporty nature and ease of maintenance.


MGB’s come in many verities from early the early MK1 with it’s non synchro 1st gear & 3 main bearing engine to the latter rubber bumper cars from 1975 onwards. The most popular variants are the MK2’s with the all synchromesh 4 speed overdrive gearbox and chrome wire wheels.


This MGB sports the classic B series 4 cylinder motor mated to a crisp 4 speed manual overdrive transmission and has undergone a recent rotisserie restoration sporting some tasteful upgrades including a Weber 45DCOE carburettor, 15 inch wire wheels, zip out rear window on the vinyl soft-top and a beautiful wood-grain effect dashboard with wooden steering wheel. Another tasty addition is the Retro Sound radio that compliments the wooden dash perfectly. There is absolutely no rust on the body which gleams a deep red under the sun.  


Other features include:

  • Power boosted brakes
  • Electronic ignition
  • New alternator upgrade
  • Leather seats


The ‘B’ also comes with a long history of receipts from over 10 years of ownership.

Balance of QLD registration and RWC is included.


This MGB is an absolute joy to drive with the top down and is perfect for the weekend blast or even as a great daily driver.


Walkaround Video Here:

1971 MGB Roadster MK2 Overdrive - SOLD

  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 53512


    Engine: 1.8 Litre B Series, 4 Cyliner - 4 Speed Manual Overdrive (3rd & 4th)


    VIN: GN23092


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