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A quirky, fun, retro piece of automotive odyssey – this rare Australian Delivered FSM Niki makes for a great talking piece at any Cars and Coffee meet!


Sharing the mechanical underpinnings and wheel base of the original Fiat 500 with a redesigned, slightly larger body shell incorporating improved interior space and safety, the Fiat 126 was essentially the replacement for the beloved Fiat 500 that spanned a production run of 28 years.


The original 126 model that went on display at the Turnin Auto Show in 1972 was introduced with a slightly revised 594cc 2 cylinder engine from the original 500 with a 4 speed transmission. Later in 1977 the engine displacement was increased to 652cc giving around 24hp giving the 126 adequate usability in modern traffic, even today. Many iterations of the 126 were manufactured and marketed in other countries such as the Zastava 126 (Yugoslavia), Steyr Puch Fiat 126 (Austria), Fiat 126 Maluch (Poland) and FSM Niki (Australia).


This very rare Australian Delivered FSM Niki presents in outstanding condition – almost as a museum piece! Prior to 2019, the Niki was given a lite restoration to its present condition with renewed brake slave cylinders, wheels bearings, shock absorbers, new bumper bars, exterior lights (LED), door mirrors, body trims, completely renewed interior trims including carpets and rear parcel shelf. Minor rust was fixed on the front and rear window frames and the whole body given an excellent paint job. All original fixtures on the Niki such as the window glass, engine bay paint etc remain in excellent condition – a testament how well the Niki has been looked after during 52,000km life.


The Niki comes with the original handbook, service book, tool catalogue and toolkit including spare wheel. Overall this is a rare opportunity to acquire quite possibly the best preserved example of an FSM Niki in Australia in which will attract a lot of attention anywhere it goes.


Sold with RWC (if sold in QLD)


Walk Around Video

1989 FSM Niki (Fiat 126)

AU$20,000 Regular Price
AU$18,000Sale Price
  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 52130


    Engine: 652cc 2 Cylinder - 4 speed manual


    VIN: SUF126A0009555615

    Engine No: 6228113


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