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Rare and outlandish, the Mitsuoka Le-Seyde is very much a Japanese oddity with a cult like following to those who enjoy them.


Considered the one of the oddball “coachbuilders” of the automotive landscape, Mitsuoka have been serving up unconventional styled vehicles since 1982 with the introduction of the BUBU-50 which was basically the Japanese version of a Peel P50 with a miniscule 50cc engine and the looks of a droid from Star Wars that hadn’t quite made the cut.


Fast forward to 1990, Mitsuoka introduced the Le-Seyde coupe. Based on the Nissan S13 chassis, the front half was elongated with custom fiberglass body with a similar treatment to the rear. The result was a neo-classic vehicle with a loose resemblance to a 30’s Mercedes convertible. Under the hood was the S13’s CA18DE inline 4 cylinder engine producing around 131hp mated to a 4 speed automatic transmission. At the Le-Seyde’s launch, it received mixed reviews however according to Mitsuoka themselves, all 500 vehicle produced sold out within 3 days.


Though performance obviously wasn’t the main aim of the Le-Seyde, a few amorous owners decided to transplant more exciting powertrains into their Le-Seyde’s and take them drifting; not the easiest thing given it’s 3.375 metre wheel base & 5.1 metre length!


This Mitsuoka Le-Sayde further pushes the limits of styling riding on 20 inch chrome wheels with low profile tires and presents in good condition for it’s age. The interior is largely original with only upgraded double din touchscreen head unit and wooden steering wheel giving a touch of luxury given the S13 sparse interior. The suspension has been given an overhaul with front and rear coil overs, adjustable camber linkages and has been lowered to suit the overall stance of the vehicle. 


Believed to be the only one in Australia, this is a rare opportunity to acquire a unique vehicle that is sure to get a lot of attention at the next Cars and Coffee meet.


Vehicle comes with RWC and balance of QLD rego (if sold in QLD)


Walk Around Video Here (Coming Soon)

Mitsuoka Le Seyde

  • Vehicle Details

    Odometer: 89378


    Engine: 1.8 Litre 4 cylinder - 4 speed auto



    Engine No: TBA

    WALKAROUND VIDEO (Coming Soon)

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